Warm Bodies (2013)

He was dead inside until he met her.
Warm Bodies (2013)

Warm Bodies is a romantic zombie flick; something you don’t imagine working but in this case, it does.

The movie opens and we meet R (Nicholas Hoult) who is shambling around with fellow zombies. Julia (Teresa Palmer) and a group of other survivors are out looking for food. R and the other zombies take out several of the humans in a surprise attack. One of the twists is that, at least for R, when he eats a brain, he is able to relive that person’s memories. R happens to eat Julia’s boyfriend and so is able to see into her past, through her (now ex-) boyfriend’s eyes. Julia is trapped and R saves her, disguising her as zombie and taking her to his home, which is a plane that has been abandoned at the airport.

Upon trying to take Julia back to base where her father is (John Malkovich), you start to notice that R is becoming a bit less gray and the speech is less stilted. Marcus, one of R’s zombie friends (Rob Corddry) and several other zombies initially try to stop Julia from leaving. After seeing R not eating Julia, but rather protecting her, the phenomena that has R turning more human, begins to affect the rest of the normal zombies.

The other type of zombie, the “boneys” as they are called, appear to legitimately be walking skeletons and seem to be in charge as much as one can be in charge of a zombie horde.

Minor Points:
– Having the names R & Julia being so close to Romeo & Juliet was a cute nod to Shakespeare
– Best line of the movie: “Bitches, man”

– While voiceovers can be annoying at time, it really fits in here and helps the movie move along.

Rating: I give this movie 2 A’s. It was a cute romantic comedy, spiced up with some decent zombie action and a splash of humor. A zombie movie even your girlfriend will like.



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