Surf Ninjas

Kwansu Dude!

Kwansu dude! I never considered that I would see Ernie Reyes Jr.,  Rob Schneider, Leslie Nielsen, and Tone Lōc together in a movie. Luckily, I got that privilege the other night.

Plot Rundown: Two kids find out they are the heirs to an island monarchy and they have to spinning-kick and surf their way to free their people from the evil rule of Colonel Chi. Rob Schneider as Iggy, and Tone Lōc as Lt. Spence, provide the comic relief.

motosurfing surf ninjas

Surf Ninjas was about what I expected from the title. A fun and campy kids movie with some ninjas and surfing. It delivered on the ninjas, but was sorely lacking on the surfing. If it weren’t for the title sequence, there would hardly be a reason to call it Surf Ninjas. The martial arts scenes were pretty decent however and having a trained martial artist, Ernie Reyes Jr., definitely helped. Rob Schneider provided some smirks but Tone Lōc and his gravely voice provided the right balance and kept the film, at least somewhat, grounded. Nielsen was more a buffoon in dark clothes than a bad guy and he had an obsession over landlines and answering machines that was more confusing than amusing. He reminded me of the Mads in Mystery Science Theater 3000. His character has limited screen time which was a good editorial decision.

I had heard good things about this movie before watching it, as it was a childhood favorite of a close friend. Independent of that, if you’re looking for a fun, action-y, kids flick and aren’t burdened with demands of realism, I give this 2 out of 3 B’s.

To read more about the rating system, please check out the “Ratings” page.


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